Track Record

Our achievements demonstrate our commitment to working safely and providing quality service benefits our employees, our clients, and the public. Listed here are some of the policies and procedures that have made a difference.


  • Established a Quality Systems Program based on Alberta Safety Code ASME Pressure Piping Code B31.3 and British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission
  • Active member of the Petroleum Service Association of Canada, an industry organization that provides ongoing employee training and continues to influence industry safety standards and regulations.
  • Established a Quality Assurance Program, setting a standard for pipeline and facility construction and maintenance projects.

Supporting the Indusrty

  • Member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association.
  • Active member of RED Link, the Fort McMurray Construction Association.
  • Partner in the Injury Reduction Program sponsored by the Occupational Health and Safety Department of the Alberta Government.
  • Members of the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association.
  • One of the first companies to introduce and train our workers with the “Pipeline Safety Training Certification”.

Health & Safety

  • Our Health & Safety Program has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta government, department of Occupational Health & Safety
  • Based on our past health and safety records, the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) has evaluated Doran Stewart’s “experience level” at lower than the industry average. As a result, we’ve consistently received a premium discount in the industry.