Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo

Fort Mcmurray Project

Doran Stewart provides maintenance and operations services for this project; we supply equipment and support as well as general staff. Previously, we’ve provided services in this area to major oil and gas companies, as well as mid-sized companies including.


The high volume of business in Fort McMurray – and the environmentally sensitive area in which we were working – meant specific skills, safety records and equipment had to be brought together as efficiently as possible. Our past experience in the area and our own high standards allowed us to continue to produce high-quality, budget-conscious work. In addition, our commitment to developing strong relationships with our clients came into play here – this job was the largest project we’ve undertaken in the area and Doran Stewart’s first foray into heavy oil production.


The project highlights our willingness to adapt to and use the latest technology in the industry, specifically steam assisted gravity drain systems (SAGD). SAGD is a highly efficient way of recovering heavy oil by drilling horizontal wells and using steam (and/or other fossil fuels or solvents) from natural gas or other fuels to loosen the heavy oil.

So far, we have completed six well pad tie-ins and a complex new system for this client. The project has allowed us to develop a strong local presence and forge new relationships and connections with other service providers. We believe that the network of relationships we have developed in Fort McMurray will benefit the entire area.