Rainbow Lake

Awarded to Doran Stewart based on our solid reputation as a company with industry experience, a strong safety record, and the consistent quality of our work. Doran Stewart acted as the primary contractor for this project, handling the logistic and management of sub-contractors and our own employees for both pipeline and facility construction and environmental services.


The project’s remote location – two hours away from the nearest town, with limited accessibility – could have been a hurdle to our productivity. But with the right equipment and expertise, we were able to work efficiently and safely. Our experience in northern Alberta and British Columbia was put to good use here, as our understanding of rugged terrain ensured we were prepared.


We completed 178 km of pipeline ranging in diameter from 4-10″; between January and March 2005 we completed 51 leases. Our team completed more well-sites, repairs and kilometers of pipeline than outlined in the original contract, on time and on budget. As a result of the success of this project, Doran Stewart has been chosen as a preferred contractor for this client, demonstrating that our approach – using a strong team to provide efficient, quality service – benefits everyone.