Safety & Quality

No shortcuts. No compromises.

In an industry where even small compromises can cost lives, we refuse to hold ourselves to any other standard but excellence. We owe it to our clients, our employees, our communities and our stakeholders.

Our commitment to safety permeates through everything we do; our programs and policies, the projects we take on, the clients we work with and the employees we hire. We invest in the best training, the newest equipment and the latest technologies to drive our efficiency. The result is higher quality than our competitors – without cutting any corners.

  • Health & Safety
    See how Doran Stewart sets a new safety standard.
  • Quality Systems & Assurance
    Find out how our programs and processes help guarantee we deliver a level of work that meets our standards.
  • Equipment
    Learn how we invest in the best equipment to help guarantee efficiency and safety.
  • Technology
    Learn how mobile computing technology keeps our team in touch and on track.