We only use the best tools for the job.

Our equipment shows our investment in our business Рand our clients. We own, maintain, upgrade and continually expand all of our equipment from our most basic tools to our highly specialized vehicles. We believe our equipment is a direct reflection of our commitment to quality and safety; better tools make for safer workplaces, higher quality projects and ultimately, more satisfied clients.

A strict safety program, thorough equipment logbooks and regular inspections ensure our equipment is rigorously maintained on every project.

We stop at nothing to ensure our employees are equipped to deliver the best results for the project. Our pipe-layers are equipped with hydraulic booms and clutch systems, giving operators better control and reducing the costly incidents that can occur through human error. Our regular fleet of 60 trucks and much of the rest of our equipment is under six years old.

Simply put, we believe in using only the best tools for the job.