Health & Safety

A safe workplace is the only option.

Excellence in safety should be an expectation, not an aspiration. From the very beginning, Doran Stewart has built safety into every facet of our business.

With nearly 30 years in industry, we have developed an intimate understanding of the unique challenges that employees encounter on work sites. We’ve built a safety program that directly addresses those challenges.The program has received a Certificate of Recognition after passing an independent evaluation. Doran Stewart is also a partner in the Injury Reduction Program sponsored by the Alberta government’s Occupational Health and Safety Department.

Talk is cheap. Safety is priceless.

When it comes to safety, actions speak louder than words. We’ve taken our approach one step further, implementing an industry-leading substance abuse program that screens potential employees and randomly tests current employees to ensure they are holding to their commitment to working safely.

The screening is meticulous and standards are strictly enforced. Experience has told us that only 40% of all applicants can pass a substance abuse test. In demanding economic times that percentage drops to 20%.

Since we introduced our substance abuse detection program, our accident history is among the very lowest in the industry. Employee retention has increased and small-tool loss has dropped to an all-time low.We’ve created a team committed to safety, from top management to the employees in the field. The results are solid proof that we’re providing a safe environment for everyone, on every job.