Quality, redefined.

“Quality” is one of those words that is overused but rarely delivered on. At Doran Stewart, we work hard to give the word back its meaning. To us, “Quality” means completing projects safely, on time and on budget. Quality means using local, well-trained crews whenever possible, investing in top of the line equipment, using sustainable environmental practices and developing the most efficient processes in the industry.

Set high standards – raise them continually.

Since we started doing business in 1983, Doran Stewart has focused on building this kind of quality into every aspect of our business. We’ve created programs that ensure our work not only complies with government and provincial regulations but also meets the high standards our clients know to expect from Doran Stewart.

In 1988, we established a Quality System Program with Alberta Labour, outlining our procedures for the fabrication, repair construction and erection of pressure piping systems in our facilities and at controlled field sites. In 2001, we developed a quality assurance program in association with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for pipeline construction and maintenance projects.

To learn more about our Quality System or Quality Assurance Programs in more detail, contact us.