Conscious of our environment – and your bottom line.

Respecting and caring for the environments we work in is ultimately good for our communities, our business and our planet. On every project we undertake,  our goal is always to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. That said, we also understand that land reclamation can be a costly and involved process.

At Doran Stewart, we believe that sustainable environmental solutions need not leave gouges in your bottom line. We’ve developed¬† efficient practices in advanced soil handling and reclamation processes that allow us to make sure sites meet governmental regulations while keeping your timelines and budgets in mind.

In addition to reclamation and facility decommissioning projects, Doran Stewart also completes civil construction projects, like lease and road construction or slope stabilization.

Our services include:

  • Environmental cleanups
  • Pipeline removals and reclamation
  • Flare pit remediation
  • Lease site construction
  • Reclamation and abandonment
  • Liner installation and removal
  • Facility decommissioning