Pig Closure Inspections

Serving our customers.

Throughout Western Canada Doran Stewart Oilfield Services assists customers with the task of ensuring the ongoing maintenance of their pipelines and facilities by executing pig closure inspection, maintenance and monitoring services.  Doran Stewart trained staff follow a work procedure based on manufacturer recommended maintenance and inspection guildlines.

Our customers say when they complete regular pig closure inspections they avoid untimely major repairs and reduce operational costs.  To learn more watch our video.

Our inspection service includes:


  • Accessibility
  • Identification
  • Designed use
  • Pressure relief and blow down
  • Operation and isolation


  • Thread condition
  • Corrosion identification
  • Sealing surface condition


  • Hard copy and electronic documentation
  • Manufacturer updates
  • Comprehensive inventory of closures
  • Closure specific report card and photo library

To learn more about our Pig Closure Inspection Program watch our video or contact our offices.

Grande Prairie Office: 780-532-6226

Rocky Mountain House Office: 403-845-4044